I won't Let You Go

hat: Snoopers Paradise, jacket + bag: H&M, shirt + disco pants + socks: American Apparel, boots: Vagabond

So, it took me a while to post these pictures (or anything for that matter), and i'm going to be brutally honest with the reason why. Like many people in the world, i have body image issues. Not to go into too much detail, but basically i wasn't happy with these or any pictures of myself for a very long time. I'm still not. However, i have decided that i would still like to continue showing the clothes i am wearing, as that is what this blog is about, not the body underneath them. In the mean time i am beginning to make an effort to feel better about myself. So...yeah...this was very hard to write. 

Onto the clothes, it would appear that my recent wonderings as to where my money has gone can be answered in this outfit and the fact that most of it is from American Apparel. You're welcome Dov. To make myself feel better though, a lot of the clothes i have bought recently are from charity shops, so thats a good thing right?! I suppose the real answer would be to not buy so many clothes but what kind of a sick joke is that? I don't know, I'm rambling. 

Let me know if you like the outfit



you're running in my head and i can't keep up

jacket & bag: H&M, top: Topshop, skirt & socks: American Apparel, shoes: eBay

So, once again i have been away for a while, and i'm so sorry! i've just had an awful lot on my plate with uni as well as trying to have a decent life outside of school. Things i've done include going to see Bombay Bicycle Club (!!!), visiting London Zoo, celebrating my little brothers 18th birthday (not so little i guess) and what feels like endless assignments even though its only been a few. Anyway, i have a few posts lined up and will hopefully get to take more so i will really try my best!

As you can tell, i've finally used the remote i got for christmas, and it works a dream! Honestly it makes taking outfit pictures about a thousand percent easier and they look better because they're actually focused properly! I hope you like the outfit, its one of my favourites that i've been wearing constantly tbh and i don't see that changing much. You might be able to tell i'm trying to wear lighter colours this spring/summer but it seems like instead of wearing all black with a bit of white, now i'm wearing all white with bits of black. Oh well, at least i'm on trend, kind of. What do you think you'll be wearing this spring/summer? I also have some pastels in mind myself. 

Thanks for reading and bearing with me!



Some pictures i took last September in Preston Park. I kind of forgot about them, but this was a lovely day.

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